Katie Brennan, NP, Owner

Sign: Pisces
Favorite service give: PRP facial
Favorite road trip snack: DOT pretzels
Interesting fact: I got to sing with Huey Lewis and the News “Cruisin” on stage

Amanda Berkram - Master Aesthetician

Sign: Scorpio
Favorite treatment to give: Microblading or
Favorite road trip snack: trail mix or chips
Interesting fact: I got married in Africa

Ali Nelson, Master Aesthetician

Sign: Aquarius
Favorite procedure to give: acne facial
Road trip snack: Puffy cheetos
Interesting fact: She is an empath

Karen Zawacki RN, BSN, MSN, Health Coach Certified

Sign: Sagittarius
Favorite service: Strength Finders for cooperate groups, group detoxes
Road trip snack: Glowing Green Smoothie…jk, pretzels
Interesting fact: I lived in a tee pee for a year

Hailey Walters, Business Development + Master Aesthetician

Sign: Pisces
Favorite service to give: Hydrafacial
Road trip snack: swedish fish
One interesting fact:

Josie Griffith, Aesthetician

Sign: Aries
Favorite service to give: Hydrafacial
Road trip snack: sour skittles
Interesting fact: She wanted to be a cop but her dad said no.

Steff Lundstom - Aesthetic Tech

Sign: Saggitarius
Favorite Service: Profound
Road trip snack: Dateline is my past time
Road trip snack: whiteclaw

Alissa Abentroth, MD

Sign: Taurus
Favorite service to give: BioTe Hormone Replacement Therapy
Road trip snack: Barbecue corn nuts and plain M&Ms
Interesting fact: I didn’t get into Vet school so I became an MD/Surgeon as a back up plan. I am not smart enough to take care of your animals but I can operate on you!

Courtney Mosier - Medical Aesthetician & Laser Technician

Sign: Cancer
Favorite treatment to give: Photo facial
Road trip snack: peanut M&Ms
Interesting fact: She is ambidextrous

Ashli Gurnett, LCSW

Sign: Pisces
Favorite Service to perform: Depends on the client. We are all so unique!
Favorite snack: Pickle sunflower seeds
Interesting Fact: I’ve been to 30 countries

Amy Harrington

Sign: Saggitarius
Favorite Service to recieve: Hydrafacial
Favorite snack: Milk Duds & Dotz Pretzels
Interesting Fact: I am an Interior Designer

Sierra Farley -LMT

Sign: Pisces
Favorite Service: Cupping
Favorite snack: Gummy Bears
Interesting Fact: I am half canadian

Esperanza Battrick - LE

Sign: Cancer
Favorite Service : Body Waxing & Chemical Peels
Favorite snack: Dill pickle Spitz
Interesting Fact: I am a professional napper

Rachel Bodle - Brow Specialist

Sign: Capricorn
Favorite Service : Brows and Makeup
Favorite snack: Ruffles
Interesting Fact: I use to dream of going to a NASCAR insitute.

Jamie Wheat - Lash Extension Tech

Sign: Libra
Favorite procedure to give: Lashes
Road trip snack: Sour Patch Kids
Interesting fact:

Jasmine Strohmayer - LE

Sign: Aries, but like a cool one
Favorite procedure to give: Facials and microneelding
Road trip snack: Flaming Hot Cheetos and Lemonade
Interesting fact: Doomsday Prepper!

Lisa Langbehn - LMT

Sign: Saggitarius
Favorite procedure to give: Deep Tissue Massage
Road trip snack: Black Licorice
Interesting fact: I love Classic Cars.