An art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill


The study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty


The quality or state of being healthy in body & mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

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The culture at Crafted is first and foremost about support. We treat each other like family, and we can always call on each other when needed. My hope is that we can work as a cohesive unit with one common goal: to motivate and empower women. That should be the main game. We are a women-owned, women-ran small business and should be proud to make all women feel important and valued. Oftentimes when women come to us, they come when things are more than skin deep. It’s not for a physical fix, but a deeper-rooted seed of dissatisfaction. Patients come with a desire to feel more beautiful, but it’s the team’s compassion and connection that makes patients leave the building feeling a true, authentic beauty. The Crafted team should be friends, counselors, and confidants. Nothing is more powerful than when women unite in order to uplift each other emotionally, mentally and physically.


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